Well I Guess I’m Blogging Again

Eight years ago during my senior year of high school I had a blog that I updated every week to talk/vent about track practice.  It wasn’t meant for anyone except myself at first, but a few people from the team found it and started following..  Which doesn’t seem all that bad for most bloggers, but back then I had no filter.  So on those days where coach had us running a tough practice, my posts would have analogies that would make E.L. James (50 Shades author) blush.  Having my friends and teammates read it was no problem, but to the parents and coaches I was the quiet kid who worked hard.  So the track season and my blog continued along without any problems.

Family friendly.

When the school year was done with, and track season had ended we had our end of the year track banquet.  At the end of the banquet the coaches gave out awards and honored the seniors before they left.  The coaches told a memory or two of each senior and had then stand up.  When it was my turn to stand the head coach started to talk about me, I can’t remember the majority of it, but he finished his speech by laughing and saying that I had a future as a journalist because he had read every one of my blog posts during the season!  I saw a few of the other coaches chuckle so I knew they had at least seen it too.  I was mortified.  I went home to delete my blog and swore that day I would never start one again.

I feel ya Malcolm

I learned a valuable lesson that day.  Anything you do on the internet can be seen by anybody.  After the past few years I think I have matured enough to not embarrass myself too much, and I’m ready to start again.  Not because I like writing  words (I’m embarrassed of my punctuation skillz), or because I want to redeem myself, but because all the professional triathletes have blogs and that’s what I’m shooting for.  Though I’m not completely sure what I’ll be writing about yet, race reports and maybe gear reviews/practice recaps.  I just kind of rambled through this first post so we’ll see what happens.


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After compartment syndrome in my foot keeping me from running in college I decided to start doing triathlons in 2008. For a few years I was raced casually for with the small Grand Valley State University team where I was President. But after the loss of a friend and teammate I decided to see how far I could go in the sport. I trained haphazardly on my own until I joined the Colorado State University team, where I learned how hard and often fast people actually train. And at the end of 2017 I have officially reached the qualifications to race professionally in the next year!

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